Membership Coordinator

Role: Coordinate selling of memberships and maintain an accurate membership list. Voting member of the Board of Directors.


  1. Attend monthly Board meetings.
  2. Type and maintain an accurate and up-to-date membership list, which will be kept on the office computer. Provide membership lists for program registrations.
  3. Coordinate, organize, and oversee the annual August Membership Drive, which includes:
  4. Attend all indoor and outdoor program registrations to sell memberships to individuals participating in programs.
  5. Prepare reconciliation for each Drive and registration and turn it in to the Treasurer.
  6. Maintain a confidential list of volunteers (Volunteer Registry) in the Membership Binder. Update it at least once a month.
  7. Encourage and oversee that Board members provide the Membership Coordinator with an up-to-date list of their volunteers and any changes.
  8. Provide a computerized list of volunteers to Board members as requested.
  9. Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer for the Community Association.

Time Commitment: Light to Moderate

  • Monthly Executive meetings
  • Ensure the Membership Drive is a positive public relations event


  • Administration, Coordination, Computer Skills, Organization skills

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