Newsletter Coordinator

Role: Prepare and coordinate distribution of newsletters and other such communiqués for the purpose of promoting the Community Association.


  1. Follow the established newsletter preparation and distribution schedule,
    along with a list of anticipated content for each newsletter issue.
  2. Write and/or solicit articles from community members and other Board members.
  3. Type, assemble, and edit all information for communiqués of the Board to ensure continuity and consistency.
  4. Ensure all standards for the newsletter are met: 4 newsletters per year; community association logo appears on the front page; publish the purpose and objectives of the community association; keep a copy of each communiqué on file.
  5. Solicit advertising from within the neighbourhood adhering to the advertising policy and rates established by the Board.
  6. Contact the printing agency as required.
  7. Distribute the newsletters to the Area Captains, so they can get them to the Block Captains.
  8. Annually prepare a budget projection for all communication expenses, as well as, provide a year-end report of expenses at the Annual General Meeting.
  9. Watch for and encourage new individuals to Volunteer for the Community Association.

Time Commitment: Moderate

  • Monthly Executive meetings


  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Computer skills (I.e. MS Publisher)
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Public relations
  • Knowledge of the community
  • Commitment

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