soccer coordinator

Soccer Coordinator

Role: Organize and coordinate the soccer program for the Community Association in cooperation with Saskatoon Youth Soccer. Voting member of the Board of Directors.


  1. Organize and coordinate registration and develop team lists.
  2. In conjunction with Saskatoon Youth Soccer, ensure all details regarding times, dates, and locations of all games are established.
  3. Ensure there are sufficient coaches for teams and that the coaches know their duties.
  4. Encourage fun, participation, skill development, and good sportsmanship.
  5. Organize and establish a training clinic for coaches.
  6. Evaluate the activity and make specific recommendations to enhance the programs.
  7. Work closely with Saskatoon Youth Soccer to establish league regulations.
  8. Purchase and maintain all equipment.
  9. Distribute schedules and equipment to coaches.
  10. Work with the Indoor Program Coordinator to establish game and practice times.
  11. Establish a yearly budget for all soccer needs.
  12. Organize and establish clinics for players.
  13. Keep the community informed of what is happening with soccer by putting articles in the community newsletter.
  14. Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer for the Community Association.

Time Commitment: Seasonally Intense

  • Attend Monthly Executive meetings
  • Good public relations skills required
  • Problem-solving skills required


Organization, Diplomacy, Scheduling, Commitment, Leadership, Public relations

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